Fulfillment of a promise

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Vic Rayco SVD (Philippines)

Wednesday Week 12 OT, Gn 15:1-12, 17-18, Mt 7:15-20

The veracity of a promise is confirmed by its fulfilment. That will probably be similar to the saying, “By their fruits you will know them.”   

Hence, belief or holding on to a promise made will require a lot of faith. Such   was the message of Abraham to the Israelites in the first reading: Mamatay man! (Even   if it will cost me my death). A covenant is a covenant.   

Wait up! Hold on!   

But, are there things to hold on to while waiting for the fulfilment of the promise?   Of course! These will be the reciprocity to the goodness shown and the affirmation of   genuine love. These will prove that a good tree will bear good fruit.   

Children know this. They instinctively put faith in a promise; it is a covenant.   They believe in the one they love. They excitingly wait for the fulfilment of the   promise. They hold on expecting for the confirmatory fruit.   

However, if they have been had or have been fooled to believe in an impracticable   promise, they will have difficulty in believing again, even when they become   rationalizing adults. Maybe that is what we all need to un-learn and re-learn. It applies   to promises, to prophets, to covenants, to genuineness, to goodness, to love!   

Fruits always come and they reveal where they come from!

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