Ways to be a missionary today

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Atilano Corcuera SVD (Philippines)

14th Sunday OT, Is 66:10-14c, Gal 6:14-18, Lk 10:1-12, 17-20 or 10:1-9

One evening, Aling Beth, our neighbor appeared at the door of our convent,   looking for me. She requested if I could go with her to the chapel, for there were   two couples waiting for my blessing. 

Puzzled, I inquired more about this sudden   event. She explained that some months ago, she noticed that these two families were   avoiding each other. If one went to Mass on a Sunday, the other would not come. And   vice versa. So Aling Beth went from family to family to try to find out what was going   on between the two camps. 

Interestingly, both families did not know why they were   avoiding each other. Aling Beth simply brought them together, and finally convinced   them to come to the chapel for a special blessing.   

My admiration went to Aling Beth who brought peace to our neighbors. I believe   she was one of the seventy—two others whom Jesus sent ahead of him to prepare for   his intended visit.   

Each Christian is called to be a missionary. And there are various ways of being   a missionary. Aling Beth brought God‘s kingdom to her neighbors by being sensitive   to the dynamics of two families. 

The Society of the Divine Word (SVD) sends   missionaries on a regular basis to as far as Africa. Maybe your neighbor has been   neglecting going to Mass on Sundays, and perhaps you are called to invite him/her to   come with you one Sunday. 

There are many other ways we can become a missionary  to our neigbors. God‘s kingdom brings peace, Joy, prosperity, comfort and abundance   (1st reading). 

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