Wise and intelligent as a child

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Anthony Ibarra Fabella SVD (Philippines)

Wednesday 15th Week in Ordinary Time

Ex 3:1-6, 9-12, Mt 11:25-27

They were about to leave the restaurant—the mother, father and their three year-old baby. Suddenly, from nowhere, a grimy old man in ragged clothes came in and   immediately took notice of the little child. He seemed drunk, and started playing   with the baby.

In fear, the mother hurriedly carried her son to the door while the man   continued doing antics that seemed to attract the little baby. The baby started laughing   and in an instant, in a gesture of “take-me-in-your-arms ” he threw himself to the arms   of the man.

In an act of total trust, love, and submission the baby laid his tiny head   upon the man‘s ragged shoulder, wearing that beautiful trusting smile. The man‘s eyes   closed as if the baby was his own.

In tears, he returned the baby to its mother and said.   “Thank you ma’am! It was a Christmas gift. I lost my son and his mother long time   ago in an accident and I never saw him grow up. I was never able to move on. Thank   you for the hug!”  

The innocent tiny child saw something that “normal” and even more intelligent   people do not see. He did not judge. He did not see anything wrong with the man.   He just saw a person—a soul. Meanwhile, the mother only saw the dirt on the man‘s   clothes and the smell of alcohol from his mouth. Here was a Christian who was blind, and in her arms, a child who saw what she did not see.  

How do we see ourselves? Wise and intelligent or innocent like a child? Pride makes us blind to the love and knowledge of God. Pride hinders us from seeing God‘s   ruth and wisdom.

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