Never alone

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Roger Solis SVD (Philippines)

Thursday 15th Week in Ordinary Time

Ex 3:13-20, Mt 11:28-30

During the time of Jesus, a yoke was commonly used by farmers and ordinary   laborers to make their daily toil lighter. It was placed on the cows shoulders to make   plowing the fields or pulling the carts easier. This ingenious device has continued to   help a lot people even up to today.

But what is noteworthy is that in Jesus’ world, a   yoke was carried by two cows, unlike in the Philippines where a yoke is carried by  only one carabao.   

In today‘s Gospel, Jesus invites us to take his yoke upon our shoulders. Meaning,   we are invited to be with him, to carry the yoke alongside with him so that everything   that we find burdensome will become lighter and easier.

Such invitation is also a   reminder that whenever we take his yoke, we will never be alone in carrying our   burdens in life. We are being assured that He will be there side by side with us always   along the way.

Thus, every difficulty, problem, and challenge will become lighter  because we are alongside Jesus in our life‘s journey.

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