Learn from a compassionate God

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Patricio De Los Reyes SVD (Philippines)

17th Sunday Ordinary Time C, Gn 18:20-32, Col 2:12-14, Lk 11:1-13

I felt so tired after reading the newspapers today. Apart from all the crimes and   conflicts happening in the country, our political leaders and lawmakers are impeaching   each other and sending one another to prison. Actually, they are just telling the country   how wicked they are because they accuse each other of corruption and misdeeds.  

As an ordinary citizen, I become confused with the situation and I feel hopelessly  tired. There are times when I almost tend to believe that my whole country is wicked.   At times, I ask God if there would still be salvation for this very Catholic Christian country of mine that seems to have become so wicked.   

But I too believe in a compassionate God, not one who judges harshly. I believe in the God that Jesus Christ revealed — a God who is Father of all and a God that loves the whole world… {John 3:16). I believe in God our Father who sent His only Son to  be His sacrificial offering to save us from our wickedness, not one who would hurl  down threats of hellfire on the world. I believe in God who, as a Father, is just and  recognizes that there might be more righteous people in my country and in the world  than the wicked.  

I want to learn from my compassionate God, that I too may become compassionate   and forgiving especially toward my enemies. I want to learn to be life-giving like my God. I want to learn to be non-judgmental and non-condemnatory toward sinners. I want to learn to be more prayerfully discerning so that I may be able to truly respond  to the needs of my brothers and sisters. I want to learn to live fully as a child of God.   

Today, I pray for the Spirit of God to strengthen me and to give me courage   to remain enthusiastic in my Christian living and be consistently loving and compassionate to all.

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