Old and new insights

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Victor Yparraguirre SVD (Taiwan)

Thursday Week 17 Ordinary Time, Ex 40:16-21, 34-38, Mt 13:47-53

When one seriously makes a retreat, he takes hold of himself. It is a time of  looking at oneself using the Holy Scriptures. And behold, one might see both the   good and the bad qualities and traits that make up oneself. 

This exercise challenges   one to make a bold decision to separate those which are contrary to the gospel from   those which are in accord. And deciding is not always easy. It can be agonizing. But   choosing the gospel values can be liberating. 

Although these instants are fleeting,  they are sufficient to anchor one when faced with new realities. Sometimes, previous   experiences would be sufficient when dealing with new challenges. It can also be new insights generated by these decisions and choices for the gospel values that recurring   issues are better dealt with. 

Let us therefore pray that we make the best of every  retreat or recollection to take stock of the old and new insights we may be gifted with during these spiritual exercises. 

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