Always in His presence

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Michael Layugan SVD (Philippines)

Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord

Dn 7:9–10, 13–14,2 Pt 1:16–19, Mk 9:2–10

Three disciples experienced an extraordinary event in their lives. They witnessed   the transfiguration of the Lord. That moment was so beautiful that they did not want to leave the place. But the Lord told them that they had to return to where they came   from.   

When we experience something beautiful in our lives, we want to remain in that  moment of bliss. The word of today, however, reminds us that life has its ups and  downs. There are times of blessings but there are also times of desolation. The Lord  was with his disciples during those moments of euphoria, and He also accompanied   them when they went down the mountain to face the realities of life.   

It is good practice, as soon as we wake up, to open our lips and ask the Lord to   walk with us during the day. In this way, we make the whole day an encounter with   the Lord. Upon retiring, after the day is over, we also ask Him to watch over us as we   sleep. In this way, whether awake or asleep, we are always in His presence.

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