Many are invited

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Franlou Bardon SVD (Philippines)

Thursday Week 20 Ordinary Time, Jgs 11:29-39a, Mt 22:1-14

The gospel parable is quite shocking. It narrates about a king inviting everybody to a feast but suddenly becoming “choosy” at the end. How can it be! The gospel today directs us to reflect on our individual calling. 

On my part, I always consider myself unworthy of my vocation to the priesthood. But why am I here? Perhaps, the first invitees refused and I was hired as one of the replacements for the Eucharistic banquet that has long been prepared. There is one striking question in the gospel today that reminds me not to tolerate my mistakes nor justify my mediocrity by blaming my weak human side: “My friend how is it that you came in here without a wedding garment?”   

Sinners though we are, we are always welcome to enter God‘s kingdom. But the gateway to salvation is sincere repentance and commitment to live a new life in Christ that allows us to receive his grace. 

Is it not logical then that we wear an appropriate “garment” after responding to God‘s call, that is, to imbibe Christ‘s mindset, his views, his ways, his perspective, his attitude, his compassion, his being and doing. 

Otherwise, we  can never enter into the joy of his presence. Lest we forget, Christian life is a celebration of the Lord‘s triumph over sin and death.

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