Serve the Kingdom, serve the local Church

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jay Francis Flandez SVD (Hongkong)

Wednesday Week 22 Ordinary Time, Col 1:1-8, Lk 4:38-44

The Filipino migrants chaplaincy in Hongkong is involved in various apostolates, one of which is hospital visitation. Active and generous volunteers visit our “kababayan” in the hospitals to pray for them. A few non-Catholic patients also ask for prayers. One of the volunteers asked me, “Father, can we pray for a non-Catholic patient?” I told her, “Praver has no boundaries.”   

Sickness is a burden; it paralyzes and limits the person because he/she cannot function well. Jesus showed compassion and love to the infirm. Jesus liberated them from their sickness so that they could continue to actualize their potential as persons. 

Jesus’ message for us is to use our strength, our health in the service of the Kingdom of God: use it in serving the local church, participate in parish activities. These are ways of thanking the Lord for giving us good health and strength so that we can help others.

Jesus wants us to be healed also of our spiritual infirmities. The healing of Jesus   is not only physical; it is most importantly spiritual: healing the inner self that is wounded by sin. When Jesus heals, he restores the wholeness of the person. 

In your prayers today, ask Jesus about areas in your life that need healing and restoration.   Surrender to the Lord and allow him to heal you.

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