Call to conversion

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jaimelito Gaelan SVD (Philippines)

Thursday Week 22 Ordinary Time, Col 1:9-14, Lk 5:1-11

God works in many and mysterious ways. In this gospel, the Lord calls fishermen to be fishers of men. It is not a mere play of words but it is more of a call to conversion,   a call to changing directions, a call to following the Lord from being fishermen, that is, working for one‘s own needs, to fishers of men, that is, working for God‘s Kingdom.   

The call is always God‘s initiative. It is always God‘s grace. First, the Lord got into their boats and asked them to put out into a short distance from the shore so that he could preach to the people. Then, the Lord asked them to put out into deep waters and lower their nets for a catch. They already worked hard all night and caught nothing, but since it was the Lord commanding them they obeyed. Here started the change.  Here came the miracle. 

The Lord knew best. He had better plans. And the fishermen were amazed with God‘s power and authority. The fishermen saw their unworthiness, their sinfulness before God‘s greatness. So when the Lord invited them to follow him to be fishers of men, they left everything and followed him.  God works with us, for us and through us.

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