How to conduct Bible sharing in a group?

The Vigan Method (Philippines)

Opening Prayer or Song

First Step

–  Reading the text: One member reads it aloud.

–  Silence for about three minutes. Each chooses a word, phrase or verse which strikes personally.

–  Sharing of the word, phrase or verse only.

Second Step

–  Reading: another member reads the same text aloud.

–  Silence for about five minutes. Each one listens intently to God’s personal message to him/her.

–  Sharing of the Word for me with the others: The group members share what they have heard in their hearts, trying to use only the first person singular (I, me, my).

Third Step The Word demands a Response.

–  Reading: After all have shared, another member reads the text aloud for a third time.

–  Silence and personal answer to the Word: In silence each one tries to find an answer to the personal Word of God, for instance, expressing trust if the Word was a promise.

–  Sharing of the personal prayer response: Each one expresses aloud his/her answer to the Word, so that it may be confirmed through the “Amen” of the others.

Conclusion: A prayer of praise/thanks, a song, or the Lord’s Prayer.

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