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Healing Moments

From the book’s INTRODUCTION

Cancer is not a death sentence. More so, it is a death reminder that made me realize and face my mortality. But even more so, cancer for me is a life changer, a life enhancer that me me resolve to become a better person.

Pain is real.

So is God.

Sickness is real.

So is healing.

Death is real.

So is grace.

I thank God for leading me into the road of sickness and infirmity last 2018.

It made me realize His unconditional love through the power of His healing, and the gift of his purification and cleansing.

Sickness also made me treasure more gifts of faith, family and true friends. It made me one with the sick and the suffering.

One with you in our journey to God’s heart. He is with us always, especially in the difficult moments of our journey. 

(Signed) Fr Jerry Orbos SVD 


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