Grateful response

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD (Philippines), Jon 1:1:2:1-2, 11, Lk 10:25-37

The story is told about a teacher who asked his students: “What is 5Q + 5Q”   They all answered: “10Q, Sir.” And he said: “You‘re welcome!”   

The students answered correctly, while the teacher responded gratefully. 

In   today‘s Gospel, Jesus teaches us that our love of God and neighbor must go beyond  righteousness or legality. All loving must come from a grateful heart. Only with  a humble and grateful heart can we truly love. Otherwise, we fall into hypocrisy, calculated giving, conditional loving, and end up loving just for the money and for   show   

Today is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Let us learn from Mama Mary‘s simple, humble, hidden, and joyful loving. In response to her, let us also learn to pray the Rosary with the heart, not just with the mouth, and to pray slowly, not with alacrity.   More than quantity, let all our loving and praying be marked with quality, not quantity.

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