Real change from inside out

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jose Honorio Mateo SVD (Paraguay), Tuesday Week 28 Orsdinary Time, Rom 1:16-25, Lk 11:37-41

LOOK YOUNGER. LIVE LONGER! That seems to be the mantra of modern living. People workout in the gym, eat a balanced diet, reduce stress, monitor their own health, keep a positive attitude and even laugh a lot. If one wants to look younger and live longer, he/she would need to have a makeover, an inside out transformation.   

Today‘s gospel teaches us the secret of giving oneself a makeover from inside out.   Jesus said: “Although you cleanse the outside of the cup and dish, inside you are filled with plunder and evil.” Many times we tend to be guided by our outside appearance,   forgetting that for God what is important is the condition of our innermost being. Jesus   continues: “Did not the maker of the outside also make the inside?” 

It is important that we look decent from the outside but important too is to stay clean inside. God wants a real change from the inside out: soul, heart, spirit and body. And Jesus concludes:   “As to what is within, give alms, and everything will be clean for you.” When there   is care and concern, solidarity and sharing, the heart is made pure. A generous heart is a clean heart!   

Today is the feast of Saint Teresa of Avila, a nun and a mystic. She wrote a book called The Interior Castle. It is about the spiritual journey of one who seeks inner transformation and union with God in prayer and service. 

Through the intercession of Saint leresa, we ask God for the grace to be made whole — spirit, soul and body. And   let this be our prayer, today and everyday: “Create a clean heart in me, O God, and put a steadfast spirit within me” (Ps. 51: 10).

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