Persistent prayer

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Atilano Corcuera SVD (Philippines) Ex 17:8-13, 2 Tm 3:14-4:2, Lk 18:1-8

Persistent prayer to God is the theme of today‘s liturgy. The Gospel speaks of a “super-kulit” woman who pestered a certain judge to render her justice. The first reading  describes Moses raising his hands in supplication to help his army defeat the enemy.   

Why God wants us to pray unceasingly shows his attitude to us. He cannot bear to be apart from us, the creatures he has created to be his own. This, I believe, is one great reason why he wants us to keep on praying to the point of “forcing” him to listen.   

Interesting to note also is the fact that Moses was not asking something for   himself, he was asking victory for his people. Remember what God told Solomon at one time, “Ask anything and I will give it to you.” Solomon petitioned God to grant him the ability to rule his people, and God was so pleased with him for not asking personal favors, rather favors for the good of others. The Lord granted Solomon‘s wish and added personal wealth as bonus. If we want God to listen to us more effectively,   let us ask others to pray for us.  

The widow ‘s prayer indicates that prayer for what is just, for what is good, is also a prayer that God promptly responds to. Just and good, however, not from our point of view but from God’s.

In the end God decides what to give. On our part we keep in touch and wait for   his response.   

The second reading is a good conclusion to the theme of persistent prayer. Praying always help us to remain faithful and persevering. For whoever perseveres to the end will save his/her life. 

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