How to prepare to welcome Jesus?

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Lino Nicasio SVD (Philippines) Wednesday Week 29 Ordinary Time, Lk 12:39-48

Nowadays people want to secure their properties against thieves and robbers.   Hence more and more people are installing locks and CCTV cameras against would—be   intruders. As they say, better safe than sorry. Be prepared at all times, since criminals would not text you when they plan to rob you.   

The theme of the gospel is precisely that: preparedness. But here it is not against thieves and robbers, but rather preparedness for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, date and time unknown and ultra-secret. Only the Father knows when, hence the wisdom of being prepared for the coming Judgment Day.   

Now how do we prepare? According to the gospel we are to become faithful and prudent stewards; meaning we perform our duties and responsibilities faithfully.

First to God Whom we are to love above all things and even persons. Fidelity then to a Godlike life is expected: prayer and the sacraments, the nourishing and nurturing of the Word of God, and a life focused and centered on the loving God.

Second, we need  to fulfil our duties of brotherly love to others, with patience and understanding, mercy  and compassion expressed through the works of charity and mercy, especially towards   the poorest of the poor and those in dire need.   

Relying on the grace of God and the prayers of Mama Mary and the saints, we set   about securing our salvation when the time of judgment comes. The Second Coming of the Lord is worthy of preparation. Our eternal future depends on it.

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