Waiting on the Lord

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Emmanuel Menguito SVD (Philippines) Tuesday Week 29 Ordinary Time, Lk 12:35-38

The father of a seminarian in Christ the King Seminary had a few months to live  due to cancer. At one of the family visits in the seminary, I saw an obvious physical change in the father who used to be on the stocky side. 

But one thing that did not  change was his jolly and cheerful disposition. He was still all smiles despite the pains  that he might have been bearing. I still noticed firmness in his voice, though weak, and  hope in his composure. I could not help but tell him of my observations. He only had one simple response: “I am ready Father.” He died a few months after our last meeting.   

Through the image of servants waiting for their master‘s return, Jesus, in today‘s   Gospel, reminds us of one inevitable truth about death. It comes very unexpectedly for many people. For others, they might be given the privilege of readying themselves for death to come as they lay on their sick beds.

Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that our lives are but a God-given privilege which we have to make the best   use of according to our capacities and situations.

Have we made the best use of such a privilege of being given life by God? Are we ready when the Master comes? Have our lives been worthwhile and fruitful according to how God wanted them to be?

Lots   of questions that you and I have to answer. St. Pope John Paul II, intercede for us and   guide us as we continue to traverse this road called life. Amen. 

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