Fruits of prayer

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jerry Paat SVD (Philippines) Feast of Sts Simon and Jude, the Apostles, Lk 6:12-16

Jesus, in today‘s Gospel, reveals one of His ‘secrets in life: the power of solitude   and prayer. Solitude is not just simply withdrawing from others but being alone with   God. It is acknowledging who we are before God. 

Connected with solitude is prayer. Jesus reminds us that payer is not simply a matter of asking things from God, but it is  an opportunity to build an intimate relationship with God. 

If we want, therefore, to   be successful in our daily endeavors in life, let us also follow the example of Jesus — taking time to immerse ourselves in solitude and prayer.   The twelve apostles are also the “fruits” of Jesus‘ prayer. Jesus must have had a  hard time choosing His twelve apostles. Shall He limit it to twelve or not? Are they   the right persons to help Him in His mission? We do not know what really transpired   that whole night. What we only know is He “spent the night in prayer to God.”   Definitely, the twelve apostles can be considered as the “fruits” of Jesus‘ prayers. 

As   we celebrate today the feast of Saints Simon and Jude, let us continue to express our   gratitude to God for giving them to us and to the Church. In return, I am very sure   they also are now praying for us. Let us then continue to ask their intercession that   God may also hear our prayers.

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