Small beginning, great ending

The WORD in Other Words by Sr Tessa Artita SSpS (Philippines) Tuesday Ordinary Time,

As a child, I wasn‘t exposed to planting mustard seed. My experience was that of planting pechay seeds — tiny seeds which would bring me joy—filled wonder seeing   them grow and ready for harvest a few weeks after I planted them. Tiny seeds which when given their right to life in the soil, they in turn give full sustenance to people who   appreciate their veggie—nutrients.   

I also had an experience as a child of watching my mother mix a small measure   of yeast in a few cups of flour to make her original “schakoy” (a crispy, elongated  doughnut—like cookie). A small amount of yeast expands the dough, which when baked can feed a number of people eagerly waiting to be satisfied.   

Jesus‘ parables lead us to think of greatness and power in being small and lowly.   “Small beginnings, great endings,” as Demosthenes said. There is power and greatness in being humble. There is strength too in expanding one‘s acceptance of others to create communion. There is communion when, like the yeast, one inserts oneself into the realities of our brothers and sisters through compassion and love. The power of God‘s love will break into people‘s lives and God‘s kingdom will be filled with people saturated by Jesus‘ words and the love of God. 

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