The way of salvation, a way to God’s Kingdom

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Herman Suico SVD (Philippines) Wednesday Week 30 Ordinary Time, Lk 13:22-30

A group of graduates asked the Dean, “Will many of us pass the coming Board Exam?” The Dean was speechless. He had no answer. He could only guess. It was the wrong question.   

In today‘s Gospel, someone asked Jesus, “Will only a few people be saved?”   Jesus did not bother to answer. It was the wrong question. It is not about how many would be saved but how would one be able to gain salvation. 

“Strive to enter through the narrow gate, ” Jesus said. There is no shortcut nor a well—paved highway leading   to the Kingdom of God but only through a “narrow gate,” a metaphor that illustrates   loving compassion, humble service, mercy and forgiveness. 

The “narrow gate” is the only way that opens to the banquet of the Kingdom of God.   In the end, we will be surprised. Our expectations will be turned upside down.   Heaven‘s banquet will be filled with unexpected, unlikely guests sitting at the table in the banquet of the Kingdom together with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

God is indeed the God of surprises.

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