Agenda 2020 / By Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

MOMENTS on the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord

The story is told about a priest who at the end of the Mass greeted everyone a “Happy New Year,” and then asked everyone to raise their left foot so that, according to him, they start off the New Year on the right foot.

Today we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord. God has revealed Himself to us through His Son. God has disclosed Himself, and His plan for us, because on our own we can never comprehend or understand. Let us start 2020 on the right foot by being grateful to our loving and understanding God who went out of His way to be one with us.

In today’s Gospel (Mt. 2, 1-12), we hear of the search of the Magi for the newborn King of the Jews so that they can do homage to Him. Let us make a clear decision to come closer to God in prayer and in good deeds this 2020. Let this be our 2020 agenda.

Like the Magi, may we learn that this life is not about us, but more about Him. Let our prayer be: Lord, this 2020, grant me the grace to be more open to You, search You more diligently, adore You in prayer, honor You with my good deeds, and become more obedient to You! Amen.

The agenda of the Magi was to search and adore. The agenda of Herod was to search and destroy. What is your agenda?

Interesting to note that Herod was “greatly troubled” when he heard about somebody who was greater than himself. Such is the fate of those who are so focused on themselves and their worldly desires. Such is the insecurity and insanity of people who are so full of themselves.

The Magi offered their gifts to the newborn King. We, too, should ask ourselves: What gift can I give to You, Lord? Better still, ask Him: Lord, what gift do you want me to give you?

The Magi returned to their country by “another way.” After their encounter with the Lord, they did not go back to their former way. May we, too, not go back to our old ways. Is there something new, or something better that the Lord is pointing out to us?

Happy New Year! Happy New You!

Wishing you all a happy and light journey in 2020. Like the Magi, may we journey guided by the Lord’s star. May we be patient and persevering. May we learn to dispose of our unnecessary luggage, and not be too distracted by the lights and sounds of this world so that we do not lose our way. And may we remember that our journey is not about going far or fast, but a journey to God’s heart. At the end of the year, may we confidently and humbly say, yes, I have become a better person, and I have come closer to God.

Think about this: “May Jesus, the Prince of Peace grant you SHALOM (the Hebrew word for peace, which includes prosperity, happiness, serendipity, good health in mind and body). May SHALOM be in your heart, fully reconciled to God, at peace with your family, friends and neighbors, enjoying a peaceful life in our country, wishing peace for the whole world!” (Bishop Arturo Bastes, SVD, STD, D.D.)

We will have a New Year recollection and a healing Mass at the Baguio Cathedral on Jan. 6, Monday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Wishing you all SHALOM!

A moment with the Lord: Lord, may my whole life be a constant search for You, adoration, and obedience to You. Amen.

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  1. Thank you Father Orbos. Your words are always inspiring to me. In fact, it makes me cry most of the time. May God Bless you too Father. Thank you.

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