Jesus’ mission is our mission

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Allan Bondoc SVD (Philippines) for Monday After Epiphany

For a mission to be accomplished, it needs continuity. I believe Jesus knew what   to do the moment He heard about John‘s arrest. He did not allow fear to discourage Him not to preach. He continued preaching repentance as John preached. John may be   imprisoned but Jesus continued to spread God‘s message far and wide.   

St. Arnold Janssen taught us about continuity of mission when he said (referring to Jesus), “His mission is our mission.” Just imagine if nobody dared to take up the   mission of Jesus after He ascended to heaven, where will Christianity be today?

Many brave men and women have already died or were persecuted for preaching   and proclaiming the Gospel. The Church has survived and it is still very much alive   until now.

Nothing and no one can imprison the Word of God.   Nothing can silence the Word of Truth.   Nothing can vanish the Word of Love.   For as long as there are courageous and faithful people who are willing to stand   up for the Word of God, it will remain alive.   

As the lyrics of a song “The Mission,” says, “The mission still the same, proclaim   and live the truth in Jesus’ Name ”   Let us be brave and bold enough to preach and proclaim the Word of God.

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