Real authority of Jesus

The WORD in Other Words by Sister Tessa Artita SSpS (Philippines)

Tuesday Week 1 in Ordinary Time

“I know who You are – the Holy One of God!”

So, even the unclean spirit recognized the Holy One of God, Jesus! The unclean spirit must have felt a scorching light radiating from the holiness of Jesus, that it cried out, “Have you come to destroy us?” Us? So they were a number in the synagogue, busy tormenting people whom they could manipulate but aware that Jesus’ holiness could destroy them.

I sometimes feel uncomfortable hearing stories of people being possessed by evil spirits. I would rationalize, “Oh it’s just psychological. The person might have some problems: financial, family, or relationships.” But some priests’ experiences of exorcism tells me that being possessed by evil spirits is real! The man in the synagogue was possessed by the evil one, drenched in the evil one’s tactics, restricted by its clutches, proudly ptoclaiming to everyone, “This man is mine! My achievement! I have power over him!” What a predicament for the man in the synagogue!

Jesus felt the possessed man’s pitiful condition. Jesus’compassion moved Him to a face-to-face confrontation with the evil one, compelling the demon to leave.

In many Gospel stories, Jesus also used His authority and power to save people from sickness, hunger, humiliation, pain and death. He just helped those in need with no announcement or publicity to either boost His image or to suppress the truth of His being God made Man. He used His authority and power to enrich others with His wisdom, compassion and love.

How do we use our position of authority in an institution, in our workplace, at home, or among our circle of friends? Does it help to save or free others?

We pray, God Holy Spirit, enlighten us. By Your grace, strengthen us

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