Law of our lives

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD (Philippines)

Wednesday 1st Week in Ordinary Time

January 15 of Bible Diary 2020

The story is told about a husband who introduced his family to their guest: “This is Mary, my sister-in-law; and Tom my brother-in-law; and Butch my son-in-law; and Jane, my daughter-in-law; and of course, this is Francine, my wife — she is the law.”

What is the Law, who is the law in our life? Jesus teaches us by his words and example his freedom to do God’s will. He was not attached or beholden to anything or to anyone, except his heavenly Father. The Father’s will is the law.

Notice how Jesus took time to pray amidst his busy schedule in his ministry. He drew strength from prayer. His most important appointment for the day was his appointment with God. Notice too how Jesus knew how to fade away from the spotlight and detach himself from his “comfort zone”.

He reminds us that as disciples we have been called to a life of prayer, sacrfice, self-denial, and service, and not to a life of power, fame and comfort.

Today is the feast of our founder, St Arnold Janssen SVD. He was a stuborn and hard-headed man who was consistent and tenacious in following God’s will. He reminds us to make sure that it is God’s will, and not so much the ministry or the people that should become the law of our lives.

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