Choice of God

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Semei Rebayla SVD (Philippines)

Saturday Week 1 in Ordinary Time

Selection process of employees is crucial in every business establishment. It is about matching the organization’s requirements with the skills and qualification of the applicants. Good selection redounds to the organization’s quality performance; poor selection results in poor performance. Does God consider this Human Resource Management concept when He looks for a servant to work in his vineyard.

Today’s readings narrate how God chose his servants – different qualities of people for different tasks. In the first reading, God chose Saul to govern his people. Anointed by Samuel, Saul was tall and the most handsome young man in Israel – physical qualities tailored for a king.

In the Gospel, Jesus chose Levi (Matthew) a tax collector for his disciple. Tax collectors in general were hated by their fellow Jews for working for the Roman Empire and for the alleged practices of fraud and corruption. As to qualification, Matthew was Saul’s exact opposite. In the eyes of his community, his qualities didn’t match with the work Jesus had offered him. Matthew was the ugliest man in the eyes of many.

Matthew, unlike Saul, did not possess the initial qualifications needed for a good worker, leader or disciple of God. But one thing for sure, Matthew showed readiness to learn new things with Christ. He was more than willing and ready to leave his post for Christ. He got up and followed him.

Both Saul and Matthew showed willingness to serve God. Truly, God knows when and whom to choose for a different task. We may be liked or ostracized by many, but God knows that each one of us possesses distinct qualities fitted for a particular purpose.

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