Fearful yet full of faith

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Bar Fabella SVD (Philippines)

Saturday Week 3 in Ordinary Time

We were on our way to an island on a rough sea. Point to point, it would normally take the RORO only 3.5 hours to get to the island, but it took us 9 scary hours in the middle of that vast ocean!

Everyone was obviously terrified at the prospect of the boat sinking but the reactions were varied. Someone was grabbing a life-boat. Another started singing a religious song, “Kunin Mo O Diyos” (Take me, O Lord) which even made others cringe in fear. A couple started preaching about end times! The rest just remained in their seats appearing calm but I was sure that they all had the same fear of death and leaving behind their loved ones and praying against it.

We all survived to share this story. As we approached the island, at the calmer side, everything was peaceful. We were even welcomed with a “show” by a group of dolphins playfully following the boat. Yes, we survived through the passengers’ prayers and not from those bottles of beer we consumed on the boat on that rough sea. It is better to fear yet full of faith and trust in God, than to have courage while holding on to something that is temporary.

Until now, I am full of gratitude to all those people who, by their prayers, pulled us out from that nine hours of hell and to whom I owe my second life.

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