Hunger for the Eucharist

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jonathan Letada SVD (Philippines)

Are you hungry? What is the deepest hunger of our people today?

The gospel is all about the multiplication of the loaves and the fish in the presence of the sick, the destitute, the outcast and hopeless people. Jesus fed four thousand people with the meager resources that they had: seven loaves. For his disciples, it was an impossible thing but for Jesus, if we only break our selfishness and greediness, the seven loaves are more than enough to feed even millions of people.

Jesus feeds us with the bread of love in as much as love is experienced in fidelity and mutual self-giving. Jesus feeds us with the bread of mercy which will be our wellspring of joy, serenity and peace. Jesus feeds us with the bread of hope which will serve as source of healing, reconciliation and wholeness.

Let me end this reflection with the words of Fr. James Kroeger: “The Eucharist is our bread of hope for it challenges us to live thankfully and joyfully, notwithstanding all the difficult realities of life. Only those who have endured a lot or have faced various crises in life, those who suffer almost on a daily basis can know and possess spiritual resilience and truly celebrate life’s joy and remain hopeful.”

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