The Role of Peter

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Roberto Alda SVD (Germany)

Feast of the Chair of St Peter

The Church against the world, the followers of Christ versus the non-believers of   Christ. These two groups will always have a different take on different matters.   

When Jesus asked his disciples what people thought of him, he acknowledged   peoples‘ freedom of thought and their own comprehension about him. Likewise, the   question directed to the group around him, his disciples, his intimate friends and   followers were cognizant of Jesus‘ higher expectation that those closest to him should have a much better knowledge of him.

And indeed, Peter, the leadman of the twelve,   inspired by the Father, proclaimed Jesus‘ true identity. In response, Jesus entrusted   Peter the leadership of the group he called together to continue his mission.   

The role of Peter in the Church is mandated by the Son of God. And this mandate is passed on to his successor, the Pope. Jesus, God the Son has given Peter so much trust and this same trust is handed over to the Pope, whoever he maybe, and however weak he may seem according to the judgement of the world.  

Do I trust the Pope? Do I listen to him when he speaks? Do I follow Ius teachings?   Do I pray for him? Do I support him in the exercise of his mandated mission? 

Source – The WORD in Other Words 2019

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