In God we Trust

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Francisco Estepa SVD (Philippines) for Thursday 1st Week of Lent

The two famous versions of the Golden Rule as follows: –(a) “Do not do to others what you would not wish done to yourself” (Confucius)and (b) “Do to others whatever you would have them do to you” (Jesus in today’s Gospel).  The Confucian version has a prohibitive dimension but Jesus’positive statement has more latitude,servingas a guide for action toward others.  

Jesus phrased it in a positive way because it reflects God’s attitude to us – He is One who cares.  He is One who listens.  It is no wonder that the first part of today’s gospel invites us to trust Him, to ask Him what we need.  He is a provider and He understands our needs.  It is an invitation to have faith in Him. 

If he has a positive attitude to us, so also should we have the same attitude towards others.  If God wishes the best in us, so also should we wish the best for others and act on them.  But sometimes our trust in God is diminished when something we have asked for seems to get no response.  A message received through SMS may serve as a guide in times like this:

“God sometimes seems slow to intervene on our behalf.  But what might appear slow to us is good timing from God’s perspective.  It’s easy to become impatient while waiting for God to act, but we must never give up on Him.

When God is silent and you are in deep anguish, review the great acts of God throughout biblical history. Then review what He has done for you. 

God is at work, not only in history, but also in your life today.  God is at work in you!”

Source – The WORD in Other Words, Bible Diary 2020

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