Sin of indifference

The WORD in Other Words by Sister Angie Roferos, SSpS (Philippines) for Thursday 2nd Week of Lent

This parable is probably the clearest illustration of today’s society – the worldwide gap between the rich and the poor.

            What was the sin of the rich man in the parable? Why was he plunged into the unbridgeable abyss – in hell fire?  He did not have Lazarus killed or let his dogs drive him out of his door. His sin was indifference, unconcern. “Nagbubulag bulagan” (advertently turning a blind eye to the situation). Lazarus was at his door starving. But the rich man did not even see him, or if he saw him, did not bother to hand a plateful from his festive table.

            Nowadays how many rich men are like the one in the parable? How many rich people are wallowing in opulence? Pope Francis’ Laudato Si #50 says: “…approximately a third of all food produced is discarded, and whenever food is thrown out it is as if it were stolen from the table of the poor.”

            The great majority of our people are living subhuman lives, while the minority are living inhuman lives – indifferent and unconcerned for their fellow humans who are wallowing in utter poverty.

            It is quite intriguing that the rich man in the parable has no name while the poor man has a name – Lazarus. A strong contrast in our society today! The rich and powerful have their names everywhere; whereas the poor are nameless, faceless and voiceless everywhere.  Is it because the poor are too many to name them? Is it because they have been rendered of no value?

Shall we remain unconcerned about the unbridgeable abyss between the rich and the poor today?

Source – The WORD in Other Words, Bibe Diary 2020

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