Seeing the face of God in the Midst of My Sufferings

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Samuel Clarin SVD (Philippines) for Monday 4th Week of Lent

A month ago, I had my  personal retreat at the Carmelite Monastery in Malinao East, Lila, Bohol. The kind-hearted Carmelite Sisters accommodated me.  I considered my retreat a proper timing, a healing process and a spiritual nourishment.

For the past weeks I was suffering from severe headache, spiritual dryness and meaningless, routine activities. Trying to be serious in my retreat in this conducive and serene place, I brought along the assigned readings I had to reflect upon for the Word in Other Words, 2020.  Providentially, the readings assigned to me were Isaiah 65:17-21 and John 4:43-54. 

Today, the second day of my retreat, October 23, 2018, I reflect on the above-mentioned readings. I considered the readings a consolation to me. Coming to this retreat stressed, sick and spiritually hungry, I found the readings meaningful and reassuring. Acceptance of the present reality I am in, I feel  reassured

  • That God is creating a new heaven and a new earth which gives me HOPE.
  • that the past will not be remembered which gives me a sense of RESTORATION.
  • that I am created for joy and gladness which give me a sense of FULFILLMENT.
  • that there will be no more weeping and crying which gives me INNER PEACE.
  • that I will live longer which gives me a sense of the FULLNESS OF LIFE.
  • and that whatever I am experiencing right now, Jesus offers His HEALING TOUCH.

Do I have that faith to recognize Him in spite of  negative experiences? Am I humble enough to accept Him? Dear Lord, I embrace Your Cross in my life. Give me the strength and perseverance to carry out the demand to follow You faithfully. Amen.

– Fr. Samuel Clarin, SVD (HNU, Tagbilaran City)

Source – The WORD in Other Words, Bible Diary 2020

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