Why God Allows COVID-19?

Word Alive by Fr. Bel San Luis, SVD – April 5,2020 / Palm Sunday

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* * *

One Sunday morning, a couple had a bitter quarrel. To cool off, the husband went to church and on returning home, he looked for his wife. He found her cooking at the kitchen. He suddenly embraced her from behind and carried her around.

Startled, the wife retorted, “Why did you that? Did the priest tell to be romantic?” The husband replied: “No! He told me to carry my cross!” (Well, the cross could be the husband, too).

* * *

With the start of Holy Week today, Palm Sunday, we commemorate the passion of the Lord—his carrying of the cross and being nailed to it. He will die and be buried but on the third day, he will rise to his glorious Resurrection.

Palm Sunday and Holy Week this year will be very unique and more somber due to the trying situation we are experiencing. We will not have the usual colorful processions, the solemn Last Supper Mass, Visita Iglesia, Siete Palabras and other religious activities we observe since time immemorial. However, let us do the best we can to meditate and join the liturgical activities through the social media, TV and live streamings.

* * *

MIRACULOUS HEALING. There’s a very touching story about a COVID19 patient, who tested positive. In his testimony aired on TV, the man, Rogelio Bueno, Jr., said his condition was deteriorating. He was deeply worried over the thought of leaving behind his wife and children. He was at his wit’s end and in an act of desperation, he turned to God, saying something like this: “Lord, I’m not prepared to die. Please, save me. If you do this, I promise to change my worldly life.” Then he confessed his wrongdoings. After that, he said he felt an energy surging through his body. His condition improved rapidly and in no time, he got well!

Ending his testimony, he said: “Have faith in God. Never ever forget Him in your life.

* * *

WAKE-UP CALL. Perhaps God allowed this corona virus pandemic to happen because we have forgotten him, committing all kinds of sins and wantonly transgressing his divine will.
This pandemic which falls in Lent and Holy Week should be an opportunity for all to reflect of our human limitations and be humble. For instance, despite all the amazing human achievements and advances in science and technology, our best doctors and expert scientists in the world are helpless in producing the vaccine that’s most needed now.

* * *

Isn’t the Lord warning us that life in this world is not all making money, seeking after fame and fleeting pleasures? Does this Covid19 serve as a wake-up call for us to reflect where we have sinned and take the necessary step to change? The Lord has always been calling us to reform. He clearly taught this when he said: “IF YOU DO NOT TURN AWAY FROM YOUR SINS, YOU WILL ALL DIE” (LK 13,5).

* * *

THE LIGHTER SIDE. When Jesus made his triumphal entry to Jerusalem, he rode on a lowly donkey or an ass. As the Jews waved palm branches and shouted “Hosanna,” the donkey thought the crowd’s wild adulations were for him. So he kept nodding his head.

Aren’t we much the same at times? When we have talents, titles and positions, pride gets into our head. We think we owe it all to ourselves, totally forgetful of the Giver?

* * *

A man who always had himself crucified on Holy Week was told by a doctor that the spikes may cause tetanus infection. So he advised him to get anti-tetanus injection.

The man replied: “Doc, I don’t want to. I can’t stand the pain of injections.” (But he can stand being nailed to the cross!).

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