We win the war as one / By Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

MOMENTS on Easter Sunday of the Lord’s Resurrection, April 12, 2020

The story is told about a grandfather who talked to his three-year-old great-grandson over the phone. After a few minutes of chatting, he told him that he loved him, and the little boy told him that he loved him, too. And then, as an afterthought, he asked: “Grandpa, aren’t you the one who passed away?”

Happy Easter, everyone! The Lord is risen, alleluia, alleluia! With our Risen Lord we, too, will rise victorious, and the light of the Divine Word will overcome the darkness of COVID-19. This is our faith, this is our hope and belief.

In today’s Gospel (Mt. 28, 1-10), Mary Magdalene, Peter, and John arrived at the empty tomb early in the morning “while it was still dark.” Actually, they themselves were still in the dark. They did not understand that He had to rise from the dead. We, too, are still in the dark with our war with COVID-19, but it is already morning, and the dawn of a new day is breaking.

For all intents and purposes, it’s World War III already. The whole world is at war with an unseen enemy that has invaded the shores of our nations. The enemy has a name (COVID-19), and it is mean, with no respect to age, status, nationality, culture, or religion. God help us! We believe that with Him, we will win the war together as one.

Literally, nobody saw it coming. We were all caught unawares and unprepared. As in any war, there will be fighters, there will be casualties, there will be cheerers, traitors, and thieves. There will be self-proclaimed heroes, but there will be real unknown heroes as well. Let us fight the enemy on all fronts and in all ways, and in whatever capacity.

Thank God for the frontliners who are fighting, risking life and limb to fight this COVID war. The rest of us, we pray for them and support them, and we do our part by staying home, and by taking the necessary precautions. Take cover, and pray, pray, pray.

Don’t forget that our God fights for, and with us. Let us not leave Him out of the picture. Let us pray for those who do not believe in a God they cannot see, and yet believe in a virus they cannot see.

For those who, out of fear of catching the virus, discriminate the victims, and even the fighters of COVID-19, please be kind. Don’t wait for the time when you or your loved ones catch the virus before you realize what others go through and feel. We are all in this, together.

The moon came out this Holy Week after many dark nights, reminding us that it will not remain dark. There is light at the end of the tunnel. That’s what Easter is all about—hope and joy because our Lord is risen. Yes, our faith conquers our pains, hopelessness, and fears.

Imagine if there were no internet today. That would really be a total lockdown for all of us. Let’s use the internet positively to win the war against COVID-19, not for fake news, or for selfish gains. Bigger than the internet is God’s safety net that connects us, binds us, supports us, and helps us to see the “big picture.”

Don’t let COVID-19 win over us with its negativities and gloom. Please be strong, and don’t forget to smile. Someone sent me this friendly reminder: “Smile! Sunshine is good for your teeth.”

There’s a war going on, and some still don’t get it. Stay home means stay home. And if you still don’t get it, remember, “Better six feet apart than six feet under.”

A moment with the Lord:Lord, be with us and lead us to victory in our war against COVID-19. Amen.

Easter Sunday Holy Mass with Fr Jerry Orbos SVD –
April 12 2020 at Christ the King Seminary, Quezon City

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