Choice in Our Hands

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Antonio Enerio SVD ( Switzerland)

Tuesday 2nd Week of Easter

Some years ago, I read about a story of a very wise and holy man who lived apart from others.  He would spend hours alone in prayer and earned much respect because he knew how to bring peace. 

One day, two students came to honor and learn from him: “We want to follow you, for you have brought everlasting peace to our people.” 

But the man said that peace would not come in this life for we were constantly at war: “There are two creatures inside of us that are fighting each other.  One feeds on anger, resentment, bitterness, frustration, fear and doubts.  The other feeds on mercy, forgiveness, compassion, understanding and love.” 

Astounded by these ideas, the two pupils asked, “Which creature is stronger?”  The wise man responded, “It depends on which one you feed the most.”

We have always wondered who Nicodemus was.  Was he a follower or not?  A believer or not?  All we know is that Nicodemus was a Pharisee, a Jewish leader and he was in the dark.

What would people think if they found out that Nicodemus was an admirer of this Jesus? At the very least he would lose his position in the Sanhedrin and his reputation as a religious leader.

He knew the law. Yet this very knowledge and certainty prevented him from being open to the ways of God and stifled the activity of the Holy Spirit. He had a tough choice to make and it appeared as though he never made it.

Friends, we are challenged to make a decision today. We can either live in the shadows of others or we can break away and live in the light of the Lord.  Which will it be?  The choice is in your hands. –

Fr. Antonio Enerio, SVD (Switzerland)

Source – The WORD in Other Words, Bible Diary 2020

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