The Cricket and the Ants: A story for Sunday

WORD Becoming, Poetry and Spiritual Reflections By Fr Roderick Salazar SVD

Fr Rod Salazar SVD

Enter your quiet.
I will tell you a story. A little tale.

Just that.
Just one.
No comment.

Take what yoy feel
to your God.

Take a deep breath.
And slowly read.

The cricket spent the summer singing.

The ants worked,
and, when winter came, had their barns full.

The leaves fell from the trees,
the north wind blew,
and the ground was covered with snow.

Then the cricket went to the ants to ask for food and shelter.

“Go away, you lazy creature”,
said the ants. “We’ll see if you continue to sing now”.

The cricket sadly walked away,
and later died
of hunger, cold,
and a broken heart.

A writer of fables passed by, saw the body, and rejoiced at having found a theme for a story.

Then the good Lord came and took the small body to His celestial home,

“A beautiful song is worth a thousand full barns.

And to this day,
people who have very fine hearing say that sometimes,
with the voices of angels,
you can hear
the song
of a cricket….


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