Bana Ngayime in Congo, Kinshasa

“Bana” is the Lingala word to mean children. “Ngayime” is an honorific title in the tradition of the Yansi people of the Province of Bandundu given to someone with exceptional talent for singing before traditional kings and who also holds in memory the story of the clan nic family in his songs. Inspired by the pastoral desire of the Cardinal Malula of Kinshasa to adopt the liturgy to the local milieu following the reform of the liturgy after the second council of Vatican, the group Bana Ngayime pursued the task of promoting liturgical songs inspired and rooted to the Congolese culture and tradition. Today, the group is headed by Fr Alfons Mueller SVD.

“Merci Mama” literally means thank you mama, the song pays tribute to Mary, our Mother

Nge Muntu is Lenten religious song in Kikongo (one of the four major language in Congo) performed by Bana Ngayemi Studios a media entity by the Divine Word Missionaries

Nzembo ya Eklezia by Verbum Bible

Verbum Bible published a collection of liturgical songs inspired and rooted to the traditional Congolese culture, the “Nzembo ya Eklezia”. The title literally means songs of the Church. Cardinal Monsengwo lead the launching of the songbook las April 21, 2018. Youtube videos are produced to promote and spread word about the liturgical songs.

Topimwa na Nsai
Bondissons de joie (2x) car le Roi est descendu parmi nous,
(Jump in joy because the King has joined us)
Bondissons de joie (2x) car le Fils Jésus est venu parmi nous.
(Jump with joy because God’s Son Jesus is with us)

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