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The digital technology today is both a boon and a curse to the book publication industry. While technology has made work in the publishing business fast, easy and efficient through the use of computers and modern printing machines, it also poses a big challenge and has brought a serious threat to the industry as people shifted from buying and reading printed books to accessing the internet in their mobile gadgets.

But the fact remains that many still prefer to read books whose pages they love to write with notes. Besides, there are books that are considered sacred and loses their spiritual appeal when read from some portable gadgets.

Despite the challenge posed by the digital technology, Verbum Bible, unfazed by the threat takes the challenge to pursue excellence in religious publication and make available to everyone in Africa the Bible readable in the language of the people.

In Democratic Republic of Congo, four Congregations are involved in the religious books publishing industry namely, Edition Epiphanie by the CICM, AfriquEspoir by the Combonian Missionaries, Mediaspaul by the Society of St Paul and Verbum Bible by the Missionaries of the Divine Word.

All catholic publishers are publishing and selling religious books, but VB has differentiated its product by concentrating for a good reason on biblical books, bible and bible translations. By gaining publishing rights for many reputable biblical books and catholic bible editions in other major international languages, Verbum Bible achieved competitive advantage over others catholic publishers. This reality in Congo is duplicated in other countries where Verbum Bible, through its authorized distributors are also selling its products.

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