Verbum Bible’s List of Distributors

Verbum Bible does not operate a bookstore for the retail of its books but offers wholesale services to local religious bookstores, diocesan media centers, and local distributors. At present, Verbum Bible has the following regional and national distributors:

  • in Cameroun: Br André Charrier SJ
  • in Togo, the Ediverbum : Fr. Mirek Wolodko – who distributes books to Ghana, Bénin, Bukina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, and other West African Countries
  • in Senegal, the Centre National de la Catechèse Marie Reine Sègne and Clairafrique
  • in Haiti, La Source : Gisèle Fleurant
  • in Madagascar, VB Madagascar
  • in Congo Brazzaville: small religious bookstores and Sisters of Divine Master
  • in Bukavu – siège de Province ecclésiastique de Bukavu composed of six diocèses
  • Congo-Kinshasa, Daugthers of St Paul, Society of St Paul, Sisters of Divine Master and SVD institutions

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