On Preaching

The story is told about a little boy who approached the priest after the mass and told him: “Father, I would like to give you my allowance money which I saved this week.” Quite surprised with the boy’s generosity, the priest asked him: “Why?” The little boy, almost in tears, and full of pity said: “That’s because my father whispered to me during mass that you are such a poor preacher, the poorest one we ever had in our Parish…”

“Go to the whole world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Are we preaching? At all?

Are we preaching the gospel, or ourselves? Are we preaching good news, or bad news?

Are we preaching just with words without deeds?

Are we preaching just with the mouth without the heart?

Are we preaching to become rich, and not to nourish?

Are we preaching our names, not Jesus’ name?

Questions. Questions. Questions.

Fr Jerry Orbos SVD is a Divine Word Missionary known for his penetrating and concise spiritual reflections. He wishes that his Moments books will make his spiritual insights available to a wider audience seeking guidance from the Word of God.

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