Saint John Bosco

Hebrews 10,19-25
Mark 4,21-25

From The WORD in other words (2019) by Fr Glenn Paul Gomez SVD (Philippines)

Today, on the feast of St John Bosco, the Gospel reminds us of three practical but very important things.

First: Light is placed on a lampstand. Two intriguing scientific theories say that dark matter and dark energy comprise 95% of the entire multiverse! Only 5% is observable and could be seen. No wonder we are surrounded by darkness. And this darkness affects our emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Although we cannot “fight” darkness by shooting or cutting it off, darkness could easily be “wiped out” by light! Don’t hide the light nor let the darkness prevail — put it on a lampstand and darkness will be gone!

Second: Every secret will be revealed. In Filipino, we say: May tainga ang lupa, may pakpak ang balita (literally: the ground has ears, news has wings). Knowing the human propensity to reveal secrets, every secret will soon be revealed. Bad secrets revealed will lead to the downfall of some. But for those who have no skeletons in the closet, their good works become the light of the world. Good works done in secret give more light, power and inspiration!

Third: A reminder — “To the one who has, more will be given; from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” Every kind act has its own corresponding blessing. More works of mercy, more blessings. Needless to say, every evil and scrupulous act is a minus.

St John Bosco’s light is shinning bright in the world especially on the youth. The Society of Don Bosco (SDB) is now the largest male congregation in the Catholic Church. Jesus’ faithful followers keep spreading the light of Christ. How about us? Do we shine brightly for others?

Bible Diary 2019

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