Call of Christ

The WORD in other Words by Fr Chito Lorenzo SVD (Japan)

A number of times, parishioners have lent me their vehicles for my ministry. One time I was able to borrow a van to take the children for a summer camp. At another time, it was a regular sedan that I used to visit the sick. I can cite numerous instances when people in the parish willingly volunteered their time and resources in order to help the church in its activities.

This has been true of the Church’s ministry ever since the time of Jesus. In the gospel today, Jesus gets into the boat of Peter and ask him to set out a little distance from the shore so that he can preach to the people who are following Him. Peter could have said no since they have already been up all night fishing and are surely tired. But Peter obeys and has experienced the result that can happen if you follow the Lord’s bidding even if you are not really sure it would work. That is faith at work.

We may not have a boat or a car but we have resources that the Lord can use. And at times the Lord will call upon you to help Him spread the WORD of God. It might be a talent for music. It might be a gift for public speaking. Or it might be a call to prayer and the Lord will ask some of your time. The important thing is that we answer the call and do what we can. We might doubt our capabilities and the fear of failure might tempt us not to do anything. But we take comfort in the fact that the Lord is there to help and guide us.

The mission to preach the Kingdom of God and to spread the Gospel might be primarily God’s work, but by virtue of our baptism, we are all called to be co-workers and to be missionaries. May the Holy Spirit give us strength, the courage, and the willingness to answer the call of Christ to help Him spread the message of love to all we meet.

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