If You say so

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In today’s Gospel (Luke 5, 1-11), Jesus told Peter to go to the deep water and lower the nets again after a long night without a catch. Peter was a seasoned fisherman who knew that the command of Jesus was futile but he said: “If you say so, I will lower the nets.” That’s faith. That’s obedience. That’s trust. And the result was a big catch of fish, with their nets close to tearing.

The miracle of catching a large number of fish led Peter to an encounter with Jesus that changed his life forever. It is sad that there are so many people who receive miracles and blessings from the Lord yet never receive or acknowledge Him. Make sure that you who are recipients of gifts do not forget the Giver of the gift.

I often shake my head in disappointment when I hear people recite a litany of blessings their family have received from God, yet remain stingy, mean and proud. Prayerful they may be, but they give the impression that they are entitled and lucky, and blessed above the rest, forgetting the important lesson in life that to whom much is given, much is also required.

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