Just A Moment by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

Take a moment to seek from your heart the answers to the following questions:

First question: DO YOU HAVE A HEART? Is there no more space for matters of the heart in your hard, stern, dysfunctional and cold life?

Second question: WHAT KIND OF HEART DO YOU HAVE? Do you have a stony heart, a wooden heart, or perhaps a plastic heart? (…fake heart?)

Third question: WHAT ARE THE SINS IN YOUR HEART? There is no real peace in your heart as long as you hold it in following sins of the heart:

H – Hatred

E – Envy

A – Anger

R – Resentment

T – Timidity

A Moment with the LORD

Lord, bless my tongue, silence my tongue, use my tongue for your glory and for others’ nourishment. Amen.

A Moment with the WORD

“Thoughtless words cause wounds as deeply as any sword, but wisely spoken words can heal.” Proverbs 12,18

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