Why do people suffer?

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Nino Gaelan SVD (Philippines)

Why do good people have to suffer? This is a common question people ask. One can try to answer that question, using the book of Job, with the idea that:Mga pagsubok lamang yan, wag mong isuko ang laban. (They are all but trials,don’t give up the fight).

In today’s Gospel, we might wonder why Jesus was so harsh with this

woman, practically insulting her when she asked for his help. And was not Jesus showing partiality, favoring only Jews while ignoring the Gentiles? Well, Jesus was simply testing the woman, trying to see how real and deep her faith actuallywas. This seemed to be the case, for when he saw that the woman’s faith was genuine, he answered her and gave her what she asked for: her daughter’s health.

How about us? When we ask God for something, how sincere are our motives, and how convinced are we that God is able to grant our requests? And if at times our requests are not granted right away, do we give up, or even feel thatGod doesn’t care?

Ask, Jesus said, and you will be given.

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