Profession of vows in Congo

During the Litany of the Saints, the perpetualists prostrate in solemn prayer

Divine Word Missionaries are members of a religious congregation, the Society of the Divine Word or Societas Verbe Divini (SVD). A seminarian preparing to become a Divine Word Missionary obtains full membership in the religious congregation by profession of perpetual vows.

Last February 23, 2019 in Kinshasa, Congo, three young seminarians professed their final vows as Divine Word Missionaries before no less that the Superior General Fr Budi Kleden SVD. They are all from Congo, namely: Frt Toussaint Ngungu SVD, Frt Teddy Mbo Ivaka SVD, and Frt Clement Kibeji SVD.

After their theological studies and priestly ordination these young Divine Word Missionaries will go to their assigned mission country. Frt Clement will be going to South Africa, Frt Toussaint will go to Korea and Frt Teddy will go to Angola.

Missionaries needs our prayers and support.

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