Decision moment in Transfiguration

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Emmanuel Menguito SVD (Philippines)

2nd Sunday of Lent 
Genesis 15,5-12,17-18
Philippinas 3,17-4,1
Luke 9,28-36

Most people when facing a hard decision in life usually resort to asking other people what they have to do. I believe such is an essential step that one has to take. One consults an expert on the matter, an older person who is presumably more experienced in life, or someone who has gone through a similar situation in one‘s life to be able to come to a better decision.   

The Transfiguration episode is not much different from this common human situation. Jesus has encountered a difficult situation in which he needed to be sure as to what step to take. Yes, he was a human being too just like you and me and he did not have the answers to many questions either. 

Going up the mountain of Tabor, he was confirmed in his decision to take the way of the cross to save humankind. The presence of Moses, the greatest lawgiver in Jewish history and Elijah, considered as the greatest prophet of Israel and them talking to Jesus are surely suggestive of the   two great personalities in history telling Jesus that he is making the right decision. But   of course the greatest affirmation for Jesus comes from the Father himself who calls  his Son beloved   

How do you go about making hard decisions in your life? Do you take time to   reflect on your situation, to weigh things, to see the positives and negatives of the   different choices and alternatives before you?

We surely can take the cue from Jesus  himself. There is a need to consult those who we believe can help us come to a decision  which would be the most appropriate and beneficial to us and to those who will be   beneficiaries of a good decision.

More than these, do we consider God and what he  wants of us when we make such decisions? As they say, many plans (and certainly   many decisions) become the best ones because one has done so on his/her knees. We   can never underestimate the power of prayer in our decision making process. Jesus,  our Lord has shown as the best example. He consulted his Father. I am of the belief   that we can do no less than him. 

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