Embraced by God

Moments in Philippine Daily Inquirer by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

2nd Sunday of Lent 

The story is told about a guide who asked the pilgrims why the interior of the church was unpainted and had many holes. One smart pilgrim said it was to show that the church is a work in progress. Another said it was for the acoustic purposes. But the best answer came from a little boy who said: “Why are there many holes in the church? Because it is a holy (hole-y) place!”

In today’s Gospel (Luke 9:28-36), Jesus was transfigured before His disciples Peter, James and John. The incident was not only to show Jesus’ power and glory, but also an invitation for them to be open to change and transformation, in spite of their weaknesses and imperfections.

We are all called to holiness in spite of the “holes” in our souls. The challenge of the Transfiguration is that we should not give up on ourselves and on one another, because God does not give up on us, and He believes in our goodness, no matter what.

Last week, I was in the Holy Land with about 150 pilgrims from the Philippines, and we went up to Mount Tabor, the mountain of the Transfiguration. The place is beautiful, so quiet, peaceful and so filled with the loving presence of God. Our own transfiguration happens when we humbly expose ourselves to God’s tremendous presence and love, and this we can do anywhere, anytime. Let us find time, and make time to come before God, and humbly allow ourselves to be blessed and embraced by Him in the silence of our hearts.

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