Health care services started by Divine Word Missionaries in Congo

Divine Word Missionaries in Congo, Africa responding to the pressing needs opened a health care facility for the local population of Bandundu in the interior of Congo.

The missionaries named the health care facility, “Centre Hospitalier Verbe Divin” which literally means, Divine Word Medical Clinic, evoking the healing power of the Word of God and Jesus.

SVD Superior General Fr Budi Kledden SVD on his visit to the health care facility of Divine Word Missionaries in Bandundu, Congo

The town of Bandundu spreads on the side of Kwilu River, the second largest inland body of water in the vast Congo nation originating from the neighbouring Angola. The town of Bandundu has around 150 000 inhabitants.

Aerial view of Bandundu Ville, Congo (©Radio Okapi). Kwilu River is at the far end.

Brother Innocent Kibule SVD, a trained medical doctor, supervises the health care facility and serves the medical needs of patients visiting the facility. He is assisted by health professional lay partners.

Superior General Fr Budi Kledden SVD and other SVD guests poses with the Staff of the Divine Word Medical Center in Bandundu. Brother Innocent Kubile, SVD (second row, 4th from left) heads the health care facility.

Despite the limited resources, the Divine Word Missionaries responded to the pressing need of the local population for access to health care services.

Superior General Fr Budi Kleden, SVD inspect the laboratory facilities of the Divine Word Medical Clinic in Bandundu, Congo.

The Divine Word Missionaries welcome support for the health care services.

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