Partner of God

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Magdaleno Fabiosa SVD

3rd Sunday Lent 
Exodus 3,1-8.13-15
1 Corinthians 10,1-6.10-12
Luke 13,1-9

The first reading from the Book of Exodus on the call of Moses contains two   teachings that are of great consequence. 

First, it lays down the starting point and the   purpose of every vocation where its significance is clarified in all its beauty. 

Second,   it provides us with the first self—identification of God. Here the true essence of God 1s   revealed. 

God wants to be present in the lives of his people; he is concerned with what happens to them. Let us look at the text. God says to Moses: I have seen the suffering   of my people; I have heard their cry; I know well the suffering they are undergoing   and I am upset, I am disturbed, I have decided to do something, to intervene, and to   set my people free. 

And now comes a description of the inconceivable way in which  God decided to pursue and to accomplish his plans. He continued saying to Moses: I am sending you to Pharoah to bring my people out of Egypt.   

THIS IS NOT FAIR! This is a natural and an understandable reaction to what   God did. He sees and hears the suffering of the people and is affected and disturbed   by this. He has decided to do something about the situation of the Israclites in Egypt  Then, he sends Moses to do it. 

Is this fair? Here, we are dealing with the mystery of   how God deals with his people in the world, including us today. God will not and  cannot intervene directly in this world. 

He needs the instrumentality of people who are   willing to give him their flesh and bones, their bodies, their talents and gifts through  which He will make His presence felt in the midst of the human situation. 

He needs   people in order to do what He wants done for the people and for the world as a whole.   The only assurance Moses gets is this promise from God: Do not be afraid, I will be   with you. As if God is saying to Moses: It is not you who will do the work. I will be  with you and will see you through it. Just trust me.

The beauty of our Christian calling is that our human life, our human actions can   become the carriers of God‘s saving actions. I am a partner of God. My life, therefore,   counts. If God chooses someone he will stay with this person no matter how unfaithful  the person may be. If I refuse God he will not stop loving me, but he might have to use   another person to reach me. 

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