How to become a disciple of Jesus?

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jose Bagadiong SVD (Philippines)

January 4 Before Epiphany

The Gospel today is a story of discipleship. It shows the steps of becoming a disciple of Jesus. The first is hearing (listening), prior to following. Hearing John’s word, the two disciple followed Jesus. Following leads to wanting to know more about the one being followed.

When Jesus sensed the two disciples are tailing him, he asked, “What are you looking for?” they answered by asking: “Rabbi, where are you staying?” Jesus replied, “Come and you will see.” This speaks of the invitation to discipleship. The two accepted the invitation and having seen where he was staying, they stayed with Jesus that day.

This experience was too good to be kept just to themselves. Soon after, Andrew met his own brother Simon and delivered news to him about Jesus: “We found the Messiah.” Narrating the story of the experience was not enough. Andrew brought his brother Simon to Jesus. Discipleship is about leading othes to Jesus.

All the steps in the process are rich in meaning as well as heavy withpotential applications for specific contexts: looking/seeking/asking where Jesus was staying; finding and seeing where he was staying, and finally staying with Jesus.

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